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    • How can I cut costs?
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    • How can I save money?
    • How can I increase my savings?
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Today's economy requires a renewed focus on spending less and saving more. Due to historically high unemployment and underemployment, individuals and families around the world are having trouble making ends meet.

The saying "A penny saved is a penny earned," sometimes attributed to Benjamin Franklin, has never been more true. But let's talk about dollars instead of pennies. While a dollar saved truly is a dollar, a dollar earned gets reduced by taxes and other withholdings, resulting in a take-home pay of less than a dollar. Because of this, saving money really is better than making money.

There are many ways to reduce expenses and save money. Some of these are painless while others inflict a significant amount of pain. What we are looking for here are straight-forward, easy and quick ways to spend less and save more. Is it possible to have fun saving money and building a nest egg? We think so. Why go to extremes and punish yourself in order to save money and increase savings if there are easier ways to do it? Our goals are simple: cut expenses, get out of debt, stay out of debt and build savings in an ongoing fashion.

To help you accomplish that, here are some of the services we provide:

1. We show you how to lower your spending on such things as food/groceries, mortgages, utilities, phone services, insurance, and banking.

2. We provide blog articles that cover such topics as how to protect against identity theft and how to obtain a free credit score without a credit card.

3. We are constantly on the lookout for exceptional bargains. In an effort to help you lower your spending and keep you on budget, we look for products you may need at prices you can afford to pay, such as those on our Freebies and Bargains page.

By applying all the principles learned here, you can save thousands of dollars per year. It's not enough to simply cut costs - you need to increase your savings. Whether your savings goal is for emergencies, college tuition or retirement, the ability to cut costs and lower your spending can help you achieve your goals much faster.

Feel free to browse our website and examine all the different ways you can save money and increase your savings. Additionally, we would like your feedback. Please tell us what was a help to you as well as what was a waste of your time. Plus, let us know of topics you would like to see covered in the future.

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